I Love Music


I love music because he loves me back
Never questioning my motives or giving me any slack

He soothes me when I’m feeling oh so very fragile
Calming my crazy fears from all of life’s many hassles

Music is my lover, my confidant, my very best friend
Never ever judging me for my whacky little fiends

Always understanding the words I’m unable to say
Always soothing the tears whenever my poor heart breaks

I can be just the person I am when I’m with him
Not having to hide, allowing me to have freedom

Freedom to let go of all my inhibitions
Going for the gusto, expressing my true feelings

This love affair brings me such gratifying pleasure
He always knows how to make me feel like his lost treasure

Music is the reason my world rotates on its proper axis
He makes me smile even if my pockets are empty & cashless

Just to hear him and feel the swagger of his rhythm
Helps me to keep focus and to always stay driven

I will never give him up even though we may be apart
Because music my love, you will always have my heart

About Caramel609

I'm a 35 year old single black female trying to live a life of meaning and purpose. I consider myself to be a very smart individual. My passion in life is Singing. I love it with all my heart. I'm a kind, generous person who loves people and helping others. Follow me on my life's journey. My motto: Be Good, Do What's Right, Live for the Lord, the Lord loves you, and I do too!!

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