Love Letter


Dear ________________

I just had to write this letter to let you know

That these feelings I have for you continue to grow

When I wake up in the morning you’re on my mind

All through the day, it seems like it’s all the time

Your smile is like a healing balm when I’m feeling torn

Your voice is what gives me calm in the midst of a storm

Now I know this can’t be a healthy feeling

But I want your heart, your love, even if I have to steal it

In the words of Jazmine “I Need You Bad”

Which, if you think about it, is really sad

Sad that I have so much love for an individual

Who at this time in his life is not with the ritual

Of the boyfriend/girlfriend affair

Man how life can be so unfair

I understand how hurt & pain causes you to run & hide

From that sensation that makes you lose control inside

I’m guilty, I admit, of plotting out a plan to win

At this cat & mouse game that we’re in

But I’ve finally accepted this inevitable fate

Realizing I’m not a chance you’re willing to take

Although I have been in love before

Just know that you will be the one that I will always adore

I do hope one day you will be able to find

That woman who will give you that peace of mind

I will never be able to tell you goodbye

But I know I must let you go, or at least try

My greatest desire is for you to be happy my love

And you will be if you follow the lead of the man above

I guess this is the end of this letter from me

Signed, Forever & Always,

Miss Tee

About Caramel609

I'm a 35 year old single black female trying to live a life of meaning and purpose. I consider myself to be a very smart individual. My passion in life is Singing. I love it with all my heart. I'm a kind, generous person who loves people and helping others. Follow me on my life's journey. My motto: Be Good, Do What's Right, Live for the Lord, the Lord loves you, and I do too!!

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