Monthly Archives: March 2011

“His” Song


Now what I’m about to say

Some would say I’m not a la-day

But I have to take just this moment

To express how he makes me feel like a woman

When he gets that look in his eyes

That says girl I wanna rub on those sexy thighs

It makes the rivers of honey go raging

Ready for the release that has been caged in

I can never resist nor do I even try

His sweet kisses all over that make me say my, my, my

The anticipation he builds of what’s to come

With the flick of a wrist, the slickness of his tongue

Sliding ever so smoothly over and in my womanly treasure

Always bringing me to my first round of blissful pleasure

I want his love but I need his lust

To feel him fill me with each and every thrust

Of his manhood between those powerful thighs

As he sends me afloat on this oh so natural high

Just when I think I can’t take much more

He slows down to make sure Vagi feels adored

Juices flowing, like a Brazilian rain forest

Oh how he loves when I become so moistened

Then it happens, that ultimate Big O

And all a girl has left to say is…… whoa

The Forbidden


Kisses, hugs……lust versus love

Who really understands the monumental difference these two possess

We all say I’d rather have the latter than the former

But the former usually happens before the latter when you’re trying to impress

Batting of the eyes…….swaying of those thighs

Causing the object of your attention’s nature to rise

Oh you may think that’s too much for a true lady to portray

Let’s keep it real, and stop with the unnecessary game play

You want him, he wants you

What in the world is a girl to do?

Ignore these raging feelings and emotions

Because of an erroneous devotion

To what others say on how I should act

Because to them, this lust thing is not something I should react

But hey, who’s to say that what we’re feeling could not turn into the real

But even if it doesn’t, we’re both grown and we both know the deal

My eyes are not wide shut but open and focused

Realizing that to deny myself is just bogus

The need sometimes is so strong until it’s not even funny

The magnetic pull it has like a bee to its honey

Wanting to get lost in the depth

Just lose my breath

In the intensity, the immensely

Riveting ripples of pleasure of my womanly treasure

Yet holding back because in the back of my mind

A lady has to be refined

Carry yourself as a lady because in the morning he won’t respect you

He’ll have the goods, leave, and move on without you

That’s what I was told from the time I knew the difference between hot & cold

Can I say though that I really don’t give a —-….can I be so bold??

Nah, I won’t go that far but just know this for sure

No longer will I deny myself waiting for Mr. Right because a lady must be “Pure”

I have no obligations to anyone but God

And in the end, he’s the one I’ll have to answer to, not any of yall

I say these things because this is what I’ve been feeling for so long

But let’s be real, I’m not that chick, these are just words to another sad love song

Oh how I wish I could just react on what I’m feeling right now

In the end, this little fantasy on paper is as far as my mind will allow