Monthly Archives: July 2011

I Am….Because Of You


If there never was a you in my life

I wonder exactly who would I be

You bring the best of “I am” from within

Causing the world to see “Me”

Your smile is the essence of who God is

For in it I can see the likeness of true joy

Your eyes reflect the meaning of sincerity

Like the thanks from a child with a new Christmas toy

Sometimes I sit around thinking about you

Grateful for the gift of such a precious blessing

Realizing that through every trial I’ve faced

You are the reward out of every lesson

The fact that my heart skips a beat

At just the mere mention of your name

Makes me realize the impact you’ve made

And how my life will never be the same

Since you became a part of my life

Just so few years ago

I’ve experienced a glimpse of happiness

That I want to forever grow

I’ve been so afraid of loving someone

Because of things that happened in the past

But I’m learning that some things are worth the risk

Even at the chance that it may or may not last

If only given one opportunity

To completely give my heart and soul

I wonder if I’ll be able to end your rain

And be your rainbow’s pot of gold

Whether I ever get that option or not

There is one thing that I’m sure of

You’re the reason I want love again

A gift sent from heaven above