Monthly Archives: October 2011

Patiently Waiting


I am wondering how long will He wait

I’ve been running from Him so long

Finding every excuse that I could

Doing all the things I know are wrong

I go about living my life daily

As if I am not one of the elect

Trying to deny that part of me

Using work as an excuse to neglect

Neglect my obligations to Him

Those in which I know to be required

Instead passing through this existence

Fulfilling my own lustful desires

Patiently He waits on me to make up my mind

To get myself together and make that change

All the while He’s still keeping me covered

Never failing to provide everlasting mercy and grace

When you think about how I treat Him

Today we’re on, tomorrow I’m gone

If He were of the mindset of we mere mortals

My relationship status would be “All Alone”

But thankfully His way of thinking is not like man

Whenever I need Him he’s always there

With open arms to take upon His shoulders

Every single burden that I may bare

Never short of the promises that He’s given

Ever blessing, ever faithful, forever true

Yet I esteem Him so carelessly

Acting as if He’s just another member of the crew

So thankful that He’s never given up on me

Allowing me chance on top of chance

To get my life together & in order

Not taking me out of this life without a second glance

So it’s time that I make that transformation

And stop living as if I’m Lady Invincible

Time to stop running from this call

And just lay all my cards on the Lord’s Table

I’m praying that I can be all that He wants

And not just His part time lover

Thank you Lord for allowing me to get myself in order

And for always providing me with your covering